About Pacific Coast Trane

For more than 90 years, Trane has comforted the Bay Area, and for over 30 years Pacific Coast Trane has been the leading supplier of integrated comfort systems and services. Our systems can be found in prominent commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. Backed by Trane, the leader in high-quality, efficient HVAC equipment, indoor air quality and comfort, Pacific Coast Trane has what it takes to ensure your facilities are as efficient as they are comfortable.


Donald S. Druyanoff, P.E.
Pacific Coast Trane President
San Francisco Trane District Manager

Don Thomas
General Service Manager

Michael Druyanoff
Executive Vice President

Jason Gladney
BAS Division Leader

Bob Jeffryes
General Manager

Quincy Min
Parts General Manager

Dennis Coonan
Chief Financial Officer

Jean Regala
Human Resource Manager

Dan Hall
General Sales Manager

Fawn Davis
Marketing and Training Director
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