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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is extremely important to everyone’s well-being. If you are getting ready to welcome back employees, tenants and customers into your indoor spaces, we have several solutions to consider. If you are a consulting engineer or design build contractor, we can help your clients navigate this engineering challenge.

The COVID-19 outbreak has raised new concerns about airborne transmission of the virus:

  • Bio-aerosols emitted by building occupants is a valid concern.
  • These bio-aerosols can be drawn in and transported in the return airstream and redistributed to another zone by the ventilation system.


  • Abiding by the current safety guidelines, we can conduct an on-site assessment of your physical environment to determine a range of IAQ improvements that can be implemented.
  • Following the assessment, an account engineer will review the results and share a detailed IAQ summary including strategic recommendations congruent with ASHRAE, HVAC Building Codes and California Air Resource Board Industry requirements.


  • We can help evaluate the proposed HVAC system design and suggest various IAQ solutions that best fit your building designs, including central air handling systems and large or light commercial unitary systems applied to any building type or use.
  • We will assist with the design, layout, budget and selection of the various IAQ options to fit your application.

Two sustainable solutions to combat biological contaminants in the airstream:

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Genesis Air Solutions’ products are extremely effective at sanitizing building spaces and combating biological contaminants such as the COVID-19 virus.

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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been designing and manufacturing air cleaning systems for over 35 years and can help fight against COVID-19! Specializing in high-efficiency filtration systems with low pressure drop and germicidal UVC options, Dynamic’s systems have been used for decades in high-impact medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical applications. Today these systems are being deployed to reduce risk of virus transfer through our HVAC systems.

  • The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System: The 8 offers MERV 15 performance, with lower pressure drop and longer service life than MERV 13 passive alternatives. Used in both retrofit and new construction for critical applications like healthcare, labs, and museums for its improved particulate filtration – the V8 can capture more than 95% of the particulate size that carries COVID-19. The V8 also removes TVOC and gas phase contaminants without activated carbon and is a positive seal air cleaner used by ASHRAE, with a proven ability to operate at high filtration efficiencies for 3-5 years before require media change out.
  • UVC Systems Designed for Airstream Capture and Inactivation: Dynamic Sterile Sweep UVC Systems couple high-output UVC lamps with Dynamic Air Cleaners, in a “Catch, Hold, Kill” configuration optimized for airborne inactivation; providing necessary contact time for the inactivation of virus and pathogens per ASHRAE’s recommendation. UVC is an industry proven method for neutralizing viruses and other pathogens.

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